Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wha Wha What I Wore

Sweater: Old Navy
Grey Tank: GAP
Jeans: F21
Boots: F21
Jewelry: The French Quarter, & vintage

Canary yellow was never a color I thought myself suited to wear... but the endless compliments I received on this outfit beg to differ! This yellow sweater is now a staple of my winter wardrobe... a sure fire way to brighten a dull dreary winter day.

There's one fashion statement I can't deny... rolled cuffs. I love the idea of the ankle peek-a-boo and the attention that the cuff draws to the shoe. My only recommendation is that you be sure to be wearing tight skinny jeans, a loose cuff looks ridiculous *unless you're going for the hippie/painter look with a pair of boyfriend cut jeans and flip flops*.

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  1. Love the bright yellow sweater, and I'm a huge fan of yellow & gray! :)

  2. cute, I really do like the yellow. thanks for the comment on the Mike Ness interview. :)


  3. haha I bought that sweater in white for Turkey day! I love it cause it's v-necked in the back too. Old Navy is such an underdog in the fashion world but there's always cute cozy stuff there lol

  4. Wow you pull off that yellow amazingly!!! I would die to be able to wear any shade of yellow! LOL
    Very nice Pretty Lady!

  5. I love the rolled up jeans with the boots! That yellow sweater is pretty awesome too!

  6. So pretty! That yellow is a beautiful color on you.

  7. Cute! I think the yellow looks great on you!

  8. I'm gonna have to hit up Old Navy and check out their sweaters! Tried the cuffed jeans, but didn't look right with the boots I was wearing. I guess I'll try again with different shoes...


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