Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embracing Your Child's Weirdness

I ran across this awesome article today on Etsy about embracing your children for just who they are. You should definitely check it out!
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I've had just a bit of experience with this subject. My darling little Aiden Gray has been fascinated with little boy oddities such as high heels and silk since he could walk! Instead of reprimanding him or steering him away from something he certainly seems to enjoy, I chose instead to let the boy have his moments. After all, who is it hurting?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Reality Check...

Snapshot of Me:
Graytale, Aiden Gray, Me

I am a 26 year old divorcee and mother of one incredible 4 1/2 year old. Not too recently ago in June I met a man named Brett Hill and fell madly in love with him and his 8 year old son, O'Ryan. We all live happily together in Toccoa, Georgia. Brett proposed in August and we began what we expected to be a long engagement. A few weeks ago, we found out we are also expecting! Now... in the midst of planning careers and sack lunches we'll be wedding planning, picking baby names, house hunting and rearranging our long list of already existing priorities. Whew!

Brett & I

You know what? Ideally, this isn't exactly how I planned or hoped things would go. But you know what else?  I've never really been one to let myself be swallowed up in regrets of what should have happened and this time I am not alone. I have found a man who is determined to do his best to provide for me not only what I need but what I want. I have learned in life that sometimes its best to be happy with what you've got and learn to love whats good for you (should I give credit here to Stephenie Meyer?). I am pleased to say I am luckier than that. I do love Brett Hill and am so very grateful  for the effort he puts forth in loving me and my son. I am quite happy with the path my feet have landed on and I have decided to move forward and not dwell on 'what might have been' and 'what if'. Besides, I see no reason why I can not still have what I've been working towards and desired and all of this before me too.

Lord only knows what will become of this dumping ground of emotion and fact but I intend to make good use of this blog! Join me if you wish, I am no stranger to feedback and have grown quite accustomed to the opinions of others. Welcome!

Ashley Marie
a.k.a. Chickadette

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