Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've noticed the women who read my blog generally have between 25-75 or 200-400 followers... unless I comment on the bloggers between 500-1500 who return the favor of commenting. So let's see if we can gain a significant following of random people who genuinely take interest in your blog! I suggest a link-up like no other I've seen!

starting February 1, 2012


Let's take this link up thing a couple of steps farther, starting with Facebook.

Let's help some sista's out.

Take my pledge. I dare you.

I pledge for one week, every day, to post the link URL of a different blogger's website. 

There are bazillions of people on Facebook and just think of the potential exposure of one person posting your URL for their 500 friends to see.

Let's promote new bloggers and make some new friends in the mean time!

If you're interested, LINK UP! and DO IT NOW! That way, when we launch and all of my readers and your readers and so on read about this link up you're name will already be on the list of people who want their blog shared!


1. Post a blog about this link up and link up, of course!

2. For the next 5 days pick a different blogger from this link up and post their url in your Blog Facebook Page's 'Status' box.

3. *optional* Leave that blogger a comment on their post about this link up letting them know you picked them that day!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wish! {out loud} #7

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Happy Wish! {out loud} Sunday! Robin, Krystina, and I are psyched you're here! Join us and share the love (and linky, too)! xoxo
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I wish I was half as awesome as my kid!

He went with me to an appointment the other day and he got restless so I handed him my camera and let him loose. Here are some of my favorite images from his 1 hour of freedom:

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My Saving Grace

I am probably one of the only people you'll ever meet that's super excited about getting old. I smile at the thought that I'll accomplish my goal of leaving this world drowned in memories of experiences that I'm satisfied with. Hopefully like Ben Gibbard so eloquently sang in "I Will Follow You Into the Dark": "and the soles of your shoes are all worn down..." It hits me so hard every time. I know it's because I'm so scared to go alone and find comfort in the fact that someone might could go with me and hold my hand.

I often wonder if I'll be alone, either physically or mentally. Family history suggests that I might live long but without the ability to remember anything. I obsess over music and associate so many memories with songs. I hope that if I'm old and my memories are hard to locate that someone will play the music that conjures them up. Sort of like The Notebook... just with music instead of my own words. I think the person I will love the most in my life will be the one sitting beside me in my last hours playing song after song, allowing my mind to find peace in the life that I've lived.

Here lately there have been songs added to my memoir. These few songs bring such vivid memories to my mind and emotion to my heart. Here is one in particular, an acoustic version of an old favorite performed by Tom Gabel of Against Me, "Because of the Shame":

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blogger Check

Anyone out there wanna trade buttons? I made a new one!!!

Email me your button or leave me your URL and I will check you out and grab your button!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Girl

My fashion identity has been crippled lately by my ever growing baby bump but something seemed right about this outfit, so I'm sharing! It all just came together, piece by piece! I think it was a combination of both fate and my renewed love affair with That 70's Show that brought you this week's 

This jacket is a perfect example of why I buy staple one of a kind pieces whenever I can find them... whether they fit or not. Last year I bought this banging vintage corduroy jacket for just four bucks at a local thrift store, even though then it was two sizes too big. It fits perfectly now, eh? Bwah ha ha!


Head to Toe
Earrings: The French Quarter Boutique
Aviators: vintage Ferarri... they were my father's
Corduroy Jacket: thrifted
Green Long Sleeve T: Gap
Brown Leather Belt: hand me down of my great grandfathers from my Grandpa Barry
Pants: American Eagle
Watch: Michael Kor's Midsize Rose Gold Runway Watch - gifted from my Mom
Brown Suede Clogs: Dansko (the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I ever scored 1/2 off)

One of my most favorite possessions is this pair of Ferarri aviator sunglasses that belonged to my father and were given to me after he died. They fold up... like, all the way. Way cool, huh?

I linked up with:
 Momma Go Round
  Meet Virginia Design

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

Guess who got what they asked for!?

My birthday gift came today, courtesy of my beau, and I seriously thought I loved them before I saw them... I completely underestimated just how much. Guess what else! These bunnies match my awesome favorite lipstick color: Hibiscus by Mary Kay. Prepare yourselves readers... these earrings are gonna be seen quite often in my What I Wore posts!

Buy your own 'extra soft recycled rich cherry red rabbit fur' earrings from Sara Lagace!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Just Posted... over there!

If you get a chance I would love for you to check out my new post at Vantage Point Vintage! 

Not to be so melodramatic, but I could totally use the support. Being all couped up on the couch here lately is killing me... and my ability to get inspired! le sigh

Saucey Packets

I finished eating my amazing Chic-fil-A nuggets, ate the last waffle fry, and snagged a few grapes from Aiden's fruit cup. Then I packed up the napkins in my purse (Hey! I'm frugal, yo. What are you gonna do 'bout it!?) and crinkled up the bag to throw away when I noticed it... the last lone Chic-fil-A sauce.

 I didn't want to throw it away but I could I keep it? What would I use it for? My chicken nuggets couldn't touch the Chic-fil-A nuggets. Would it make a good chip dip? Ew. Gross. 

Back to my original train of thought... 

Whoa. How many sauce packets did I throw away each year? Between the ketchup packets, salt & pepper pouches, Chic-fil-A sauce, Arby's sauce, "I'm a clever saying." Taco Bell packet, etc etc ETC!? I was suddenly ashamed of myself in a whole new way. 

Then I decided.

I'm going to become one of those frugal gals that has a drawer in her refrigerator dedicated to sauce packets! 


Hmmm... we don't eat out that much and I don't make anything that would really ever put the collection to use. Also, I try not to take more than I'll absolutely use each time I order out. So I need another reason to keep them.

AHA! Research! Thus forming this counter. I'm going to collect every sauce packet that gets sent home with me beyond my control for the next year. I'm curious to see!

Keep in touch if you want! The photo on the right is a direct link to this post I'll just keep updated over the next few (12) months!

*named "saucey packets" because that's how my Grammy would say it*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wish! {out loud} #6

Happy Wish! {out loud} Sunday! Robin, Krystina, and I are psyched you're here! Join us and share the love (and linky, too)! xoxo
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I wish I was the best mom ever... and not just because my coffee cup says so.

It’s mid-morning and once again I find myself in my favorite environment… at a table in my local coffee shop sipping hot chocolate. At the table next to me are two children, one is nearly 5 years old and the other one 8 years old. They are smashing dominos on the glass top table, bickering over fairness, and making such a ruckus I can’t believe their mother is allowing them to get away with it. Oh yeah, that’s right. They’re MY children. Suddenly, becoming a mother seems a much more daunting task than I had realized.

I feel guilty fussing at them in front of so many people so I try to reason with them in as much of a stern voice as I can muster. The effort is wasted as the desired outcome barely lasts 3 minutes. At one point, the coffee shop owner requests their behavior improve only to be fought with a smarty pants quip from Aiden. I’m appalled and demand that Aiden apologize. I’m then the one who gets jeered at.  I win in the end when a borderline sarcastic apology is offered up. My patience runs out and we pack up to leave.

When did I lose their respect? When did I lose control of my sweet little boys? Why won’t they at least attempt to be pleasing? Who is teaching Aiden sarcasm? Okay, the fourth is easily discernible… he learned it from Aunt Sarah. I laugh to myself. Not really though, she’s just the scapegoat this time. I cannot seem to bring myself to blame anyone else but me. I’ve gone soft, as my grandfather would say.

We abandoned spanking quite a bit ago and turned to other forms of punishment for reinforcement. I’m discouraged currently though since our efforts seem to be thwarted constantly with bad behavior that keeps getting worse.

I’m desperate to find a solution without resorting to past methods. I’m also caught between their ages. Although Aiden and O’Ryan are years apart they, having been raised so differently until this past summer, are quite equal in terms of maturity and both respond the same way to actions and consequence. They’re almost like twins just with different personalities. Aiden is head strong with a fiery spirit and temper which is opposite O’Ryan’s bashfulness and quiet, nervous demeanor. I have no idea where to begin finding appropriate discipline techniques that best suit their different needs.

I have no problem stepping up to the plate and being an enforcer. Neither does Brett, who is equally as frustrated with our little monsters. My fear aligns with what I think most of today’s modern parents are faced with… how do I teach them right from wrong without going overboard and causing some detriment to their personalities? I don’t want to them to obey me out of fear. I want their respect. I feel strongly as though I am giving them the respect I request back… it just isn’t coming back as planned.

I am one of those that believe it takes a village to raise a child and so I am seeking encouragement and perhaps some guidance as to what works or has worked for you other moms and children of moms! Bring it on! I’m open to all suggestions and opinions.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza!

Once again, I was absolutely spoiled beyond belief. Brett asked Sarah to help him plan a surprise birthday party for me! All of the people above we given a time and a place and chose to be there! These are my best friends. I sat through nearly all of dinner with a huge grin on my face, trying not to tear up.

farm 255
We enjoyed an amazing dinner at what I now consider a staple restaurant in Athens, Georgia.
farm 255 
Everything on the menu, including the meat, is harvested or raised on their very own farm just outside city limits. The menu changes constantly, of course, as availability is reliant on the harvest.

After dinner, we walked over to a local bar called Manhattan Cafe just around the corner in downtown Athens. It was nice to be able to sit and chat in a comfy corner and enjoy a hot chocolate (with peppermint!).

Someone even scored me a few photos of me and my darling beau:

What outing would be complete without a photo of the ladies + Robby?

then there's the loot

besides the company I was given a ticket to see Edwin McCain (don't judge me... Tambi and I are attending for sheer nostalgic purposes. The 15 year old girls in us couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the old geezer in our own town!), a new compact mirror (that I constantly am in need of) from Thirty One, and I finally received a gift I've been anticipating for years (forseriously)... a peacock drusy quartz ring made by Sadie (to my right) from her collection The French Quarter.

Custom Listing for Ninam


Monday, January 16, 2012

Tell All Free For All!

I was super psyched to stumble upon this link up today at not one of my fave blogs but two!

Lauren & Rushelle teamed up and came up with an awesome link up... join in!

I dropped my baby.

Seriously, it could happen to you. I was leaving Wal-Mart and had my baby boy of 6 months on my shoulders. I had so much fun walking with him on my shoulders and reminiscing about when my grandfather used to carry me on his shoulders and how much I loved it. We got to the car and I dropped my umbrella so without hesitation I leaned down and picked it up. As I stood back up, my heart stopped. In order to lean down and grab something I had let go of Aiden's tiny little ankles. 

Everything happened so fast! As the realization struck a chord of fear within me I noticed there were not one but three women gaping at me around the parking lot. One even let out a little scream and ran towards me. I whirled around and found him a few feet away... laughing. His little bald head was dirty with asphalt rocks and trash but he seemed fine. I grabbed him up and grasped him all the way to the hospital... boo-hoo'ing to Sarah about how I had probably caused some terrible harm to him and HOW COULD I HAVE DROPPED HIM!? FROM MY SHOULDERS!? 6 FEET TO PAVEMENT!? AT 6 MONTHS OLD!? I was mortified. So much so, they threatened to sedate me at the hospital. My baby was fine after all, not even a scratch... but I still look back and feel the 'Oh no, did that just happen?' feeling!


Contego The Kipling - PAPER X Contego

My favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever owned were a pair of classic black Ray Ban's.

They were left by a guest at a party I threw once.

They were stolen from me in a gay bar in Athens a year later. Last year.


I never thought that I would find a replacement pair I liked so much! And even more surprisingly, I'm not really one for pink.

So just what is it about these PAPER X Contego The Kipling frames?

Probably something to do with the simplicity of the frame and the fact I desperately desire a piece of neon chicwear for my summer wardrobe. Or it could just have everything to do with the little umbrella on the side and the rain drop on the front left frame.

you'll never know

Contego The Kipling - PAPER X Contego

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wish! {out loud} #5

Happy Wish! {out loud} Sunday! Robin, Krystina, and I are psyched you're here! Join us and share the love (and linky, too)! xoxo
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There's a perfect four letter word to describe my money management: SUCK. Because I do... I suck suck suck at it. I always have, but I REFUSE to always will.

I am always on the look out for tips and programs and internet sites to make my financials less of a disaster. I've tried to learn from Dave Ramsey, installed Quicken at least 3 times, signed up for Mint.com, and processed probably 30 budgets on every calculator to come before me. I've even failed at seemingly super simple techniques like the envelope system.

Here is what I've learned:


X I tried to be responsible and signed up for as many bills as I could for online management. Then, I literally adapted the thought 'out of sight, out of mind'. I literally forgot about some of my bills. It seems nearly every money management guru insists that this is a great idea, so I take complete responsibility for my lack of keeping track of my bills... whether online or not.

X I never prioritized my bills.

X I did not schedule a (revolving) time to process my finances.

Things I Seem to Have Done Right:

X I seem to do best when I stick to what I practice best. {that makes sense, right?} Through all of these attempts I seemed to best be able to keep a checkbook to keep up with checks. As in, actually keeping track of the list of checks. I LOVE tedious, at-hand tasks like lists involved in keeping a checkbook register.

aaaaaaaaaaand  thats about it. Seriously! It's a shame!

SO! I HAVE TO GET ON MY GAME! Now not only do I have my personal finances to keep track of but I have our business account too. Are there any accountant friends out there? Does anyone have a suggestion for a program or a website that can make this happen for me this year!? I still have a copy of Quicken For Home 2007 that I haven't downloaded onto this laptop yet... if that helps.

Now don't forget to join in the excitement! 

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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I just want to be thrilled today. All day. Today, this image of Kate Moss seems appropriate:

 Therefore, today's blog post will be a collection of a bunch of stuff that makes me happy online. Enjoy!


There ya have it... a teeny tiny bit of it.

These images either came from my computer or my Tumblr: http://www.chickadette.tumblr.com


Check it:

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