Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fashion Alert!

I LOVE coming across a new trend that I can be a part of... 
especially when the added bonus is me not looking too out of the ordinary, 
like I usually do. Anyway, any excuse will do! 
So without further ado!

If you don't get ASOS's emails, you should. They are amazing! They send out several announcing sales and such like everyone else, but they also send out trend reports which, for me, are always on cue! To my delight, they listed what they are calling a 'Trophy Jacket' as a must have for F/W '12! They advertise: "Turn heads in a trophy jacket. Embellished, brocade, or jacquard: whatever, as long as it's loud." I'm not sure if you already knew it was called a 'Trophy Jacket' but I didn't so I'm excited to have an official term for my collection! That's right, I've been collecting jackets like these for years! Take a look at a few ASOS has for sale:

Did you notice what I did? They look like a collection of a bunch of fashionable old lady jackets! Some even have 3/4 inch sleeves, which I've found to be the case when I fit into petite sizes when thrifting. I usually buy them anyway (I once scored a $400 dinner coat for $5... even though it was 2 sizes too small. I wear it anyway because the shoulders fit!) and I'm so glad because now I can sport them on trend

Me wearing my $5 score!

My Darling Declan

Oh! My bebe Declan is 5 months old already! He's starting to crawl and I am a complete mess over it. I want him to grow but I want it to be slooooowly. His little baby days are flying by! I wish I were one of those super moms who managed to remember to have pictures of her baby taken on a schedule... but I'm not. Ha... in my book, to be a super mom, just remember your babies milestones. Heck, or remember their birth weight on cue!

So here's a collection of my favorite photos since his birth. They make me smile just the same! 

You Gotta Have Friends

I love perusing sidebars of other bloggers.
I find that it's the only way to keep up with what's going on out there! 
I have found out about these since I've been back online. 
Check them out, and find me!

I won't lie, I wanted to be a part of this just so I could put the button on my page!
I love the colors and the way it was designed. I was pleasantly surprised to learn
that Shane took the time to create a map of fellow bloggers. I am excited about contacting
those near me and meeting up for some fun and collaboration!


Why not link up with others who's dreams are similar to yours. Why not soak up the
encouragement of women who have been where you are and are where you want to be?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Fishtail Maxi Dress

Alright, I'll admit it... I'm a self made fashionista. I do not have the room in our budget to adorn myself in the latest fashions, so I have to make do with what I've got! Don't we all? I am certainly not complaining, the opportunity to express my creativity is fulfilling!

I am not sure if it was last year or the year before but I spotted a dress I fell in love with when I was out shopping with friends. You know the one, the loose fitting slightly draped gathered waist dresses. I think I was at JCrew but I know I saw some at several of the outlet stores. 

Surely you've seen the type, these are from Revolve Clothing:


Anyway, I hardly ever shell out full price for anything and before I even dare go shopping I see if I can make do with what I've got. Well, let me tell you... I did it! I have this maxi dress, see... I bought it on sale for like $8 from ASOS (excellent site for sale shoppers, btw) and I wear it everywhere. I pulled it out while on vacation and it was hot so I wanted something shorter. I wanted a day dress. So I reached down and grabbed the sides of the dress right at my thighs and I hiked it up. I then took my most used fashion accessory, a men's belt I found at a thrift store that's about an XXL, and I did what I always do with it: I wrapped it around my waist to hold up the excess fabric. Then I untucked the dress a bit and VOILA! I got what I was looking for. I EVEN got the added surprise of the fishtail in the back!!! I couldn't believe it, a double whammy! I paired it with my brightest fuschia colored lace bra to add a pop of color and I could not have been happier with the look. Just between you and me, I wore this for like 3 days in a row.

Ugh! Terrible posture, eh? Whatev's... we were on vacay!

So that's that, my DIY Fishtail Maxi Dress. I would imagine any maxi dress would work and any type of waist belt would, too. I hope it works out for you!

I'm linking up with Julie at White Lights on Wednesdays for her Wednesday Whatsits. Check it: 

White Lights on Wednesdays


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweater Weather Fashion Faves

It's that time of year again! 
Time to look less sexy and more comfy.

Break out the scarf! I collect them, so the first sign of a chill and I'm all thrilled!
I personally carry my hoodie year round, but I like having the good old 'campfire' excuse to snuggle up in it.

I can't resist a good cardigan with skinnnies and fall fave footwear, boots.
I buy cardigans everywhere, but my fave spot to score them is thrift stores.
I personally seek the 'old lady' type. 
The sleeves often are a bit short, but I roll them or at the most, hem them to a crop fit.

I was delighted years ago when wearing shorts and tights became a fashion must.
This look, with a classic velvet jacket, gives way for my desire to be edgy and comfy.

I achieve my most favorite look by pairing my skinny black skirt 
with a pair of thigh high stockings and a chunky sweater. 
But I can't wait to pull off the 'night' version of the look above... 
with a sweater pulled over a glamorous dress!
Lover Boy is gonna have to take me somewhere nice!


I'm LINKING UP with Mom2MemphisandRuby for Fall Fashion Must Have's Top 10!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why I Love Blogging: A Quick, AMAZING, Example

Pretty much, I came back because of this:


i LOVE knowing people who:

miss me
share similarities of my sordid (yet, exciting) past
know my sordid past
encourage me
understand me
support me


Holla Back!

I have learned over and over in my life that sometimes to clean up a mess, you just have to make a bigger one! At the start of the summer, one thing was for certain: my life was a mess! There were SO MANY changes going on that I felt like a desperate bystander with my fingers and toes stuck in the spouting holes of the Hoover Dam! I was overwhelmed at the very least. We were tackling exciting things... a newborn, a new marriage, a new family, a new house, a new career... and brought on one at a time most people wouldn't think twice about 'dealing' with the stress that comes with each one. However, brought on all at once, my go to response was intended to be a pleasant optimistic one. Unfortunately, I lasted about 6 months before it turned into 'flip the f*ck out'. No kidding! I lost it for quite a few weeks this summer. 

We finally went on vacation and I got a chance to stand back and look at my life and figure out what needed to be done to make us more stable and get us to a place where we could enjoy the changes rather than stress about them. I started seeking peace. Well, honestly, I just started seeking... I was lucky that I found support and guidance. When I got home, I hit the ground running and threw myself into the projects that mattered most to me... and I made a bigger mess. I pulled everything out of the closet and started sorting it. Now that I had a chance to see everything laid out in front of me, I gained perspective and direction and control. It has been a few weeks since and we have been working non stop in the right direction and it feels good. 

*insert vacay photo here*
Suttons Bay, MI

I am extremely blessed to have gotten the opportunity to take a step back and recollect my dreams and goals and happiness. That being said, my perspective has become more like I am a 17 year old girl again looking forward to her future of endless possibilities and experiences! I love it. Quite frankly, Chickadette's 'gone country'. Ever heard the Alan Jackson song, "Gone Country"? Yes, I'm going 'back to my roots'. My next video you'll even hear my southern accent a little more distinctly. I've spent years covering it up.

As far as the blog goes... I am looking forward to sharing all of the awesome happenings that are going on! We are starting a farm, Homie. A forrealsies one with goats and chickens and dirt and tractors. I have 2 boys in school and one on my hip. We are cleaning and renovating our dream home... my husbands childhood home. 

This is what it looked like when he brought me to see it. Mind you, I was 8 months prego and had been told that we could 'have his dads house... if we cleaned it up'. Talk about a diamond in the rough! The poor beauty had been lived in and loved... built by his folks in 1972... and then left and forgotten for quite a few years. After MONTHS of work, the outside is coming together:

Of course the day I decide to take an 'in progress photo' we have just acquired our new doors and stored them on the porch, ha! Speaking of which, it's time to get started on that project. 

So, yes, I miss you all terribly and I have been keeping tabs... just as a silent reader. I'm looking so forward to catching up with all of you!

Ashley Marie

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