Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Happens

My goodness I have been overwhelmed! I managed to do what I do best: get myself swallowed up by life.

Brett and I still exist happily with our boys:

I found myself a job {a job that's perfect for a couple with 3 kids, starting a farm, and renovating a huge house} as a waitress. I love my job, I wake up for my shift and never hardly ever complain about having to go in because I get to look at gorgeous, creative things like this:

I work my hind end off for them when scheduling allows and in the meantime I work my hind end off renovating our house. It would be a lie to say we work off of a budget... because there isn't one. Although I suppose technically an extra $20 every couple of weeks would be a budget. What we lack in assets we make up for in elbow grease. We have managed to do an awesome chevron wall and mix and match our house full of eclectic furniture to get a comfy somewhat formal living room...flooring to be tackled next:

I'm not including photos of our hallway, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and den just yet. We knew our space allowed for us to entertain over the holidays so we went on a blitz and started one billion projects that all had to be done by NOW! Sigh. But at least I'm leaving you with something to look forward to! *muah*

Then there was a lot this:

Aiden Gray started Kindergarten and O'Ryan began 4th Grade! Thankfully we already had a routine in place for O'Ryan's homework hour that Aiden was able to slip right into. But man, can I just insert my Mommy B*tch in right here and say that I think it's ridiculous that a kindergarten student has homework? Or as much as he does? Needless to say though, I'm proud of my little one for excelling despite the fact that his father and I made the HORRIBLE decision (we were reminded over, and over, and over again about it) not to enroll him in Pre-K but to let his wild spirit be free for one more year? na na na na boo boo 

Then there's this mess of cuteness:

We also welcomed some new friends to our starter farm:

Well, we've been busy... and we will be busier, God willin' and the creek don't rise! If you would like, you can also find me on the blog I've started for the farm:

Talk to you later!

Check it:

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