Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding: Attention to Details: Decor

I love the way that this fabric is draped from the corners of the room. The asymmetrical draping draws the eye down the room to focus on the fireplace. Our venue is similar to this one, a long room with a fireplace at the end. We’ve decided to get married in front of the fireplace and have our guests seated at the dinner tables instead of rows. I think this idea will lend itself to create finished look on the d├ęcor, almost like a package tied up with a bow. Now to find two stately, feminine chandeliers!

Our fireplace is much larger and already houses two large logs. I wanted to fill the area with loads of candles of all sizes and have them lit during the ceremony and reception… but oh what a task! (Not to mention the expense!) I’m excited to have found this image that offers a less demanding and less expensive option. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen numerous mercury glass candle holders of all sizes at Michaels. They serve the purpose of the oversized larger than life look I was after and will lend a dense filled look to the fireplace without it looking over done. I even fancy the tiny votive holders sprinkled throughout!

My grandmother was first to notice the cross stitched letters that read ‘OH JOY’ on the mantle. I must have these hanging at my wedding! We have not one but two fireplaces to decorate. These will grace the mantle in the foyer where the guests will sign our guest book! 

I’ve known since I found this image a few months ago that I would be hanging images of past marriages of friends and family in the foyer of the venue to welcome guests. I think it is such a beautiful and tasteful way to include not only those who have passed but those who are gathered to share in the joy!

I’m most definitely going to have to borrow this idea from the ever useful and constantly inspiring Martha Stewart dot com. This simple expense is a beautiful way to add detail to the entryway of the venue! I’m thinking I am going to stick to our color theme and hang taupe letters from fuchsia ribbon. I’m excited about using them after the wedding, perhaps on the wall as a back drop for my kitchen table or later in life over my own fireplace.

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