Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Woes

all right.
that's it.
my overly detail oriented self is going on strike... or rather being fired by my laid back rebellious self that just wants to get what I want without the fuss & exhaustion & stress & &&&&&&AND!

I liked the idea of 'my big day' a lot better when it was more like this:

Our original plan was to elope... during a 3 day excursion to Boston to see Motion City Soundtrack perform. We were going to frolic around the city on bicycles wearing our wedding gear and new matching red kicks and ask people to hold the camera for special moments and that was that. No more 'ands'. Just a 'but'. "But I bet I can plan a wedding for the same cost and have an extravagant yet laid back affair, I'll just do it all myself. No problemo." Looking back, I can hear the roaring laughter of thousands of DIY Brides that just gave up too. I'm blaming it on hormones (I can't even focus on keeping dinner on time without crying), lack of time (9 weeks? Really, Ashley Marie? What are you, a party planning superhero?), my mother & bff disagreeing on everything, and my extreme guilt for not being able to include every idea, person, and something in Brett & MY wedding.


So, 5 weeks and counting and we're back to square one. We're eloping. With our boys and 25 of our closest of closest. We're having a dinner reception at an already exquisitely decorated restaurant in the gorgeous Highland, North Carolina. The snowy backdrop will be gorgeous, our family will enjoy the one day get a way, and the expenses will be cut in half as a bonus! Those are 'ands' I can deal with. AND, I've already started sleeping better.

Next plan of action: drop the lace samples, forget the caterer's, trash the seating arrangements charts, and look for pairs of red Van's for a 4 and 8 year old. Ahhhh, SO much easier.

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