Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I Wore? My Baby!

Oh ma gosh, ya'll...


Only a few days old and such a dream we were able to take him out. Thanks to our Boba Baby Wrap it is super easy to do so! By far it has been the best gift I received from my baby wish list. It is comfy for me and my baby, stylish, and Brett can wear it too! My favorite thing about it, and why I love it more than the Baby Bjorn I wore with Aiden, is how securely Declan is strapped to me and how he is still able to bend his little noggin to look up at me. Seriously, I love this wrap. Go buy one!

So here I am, outside of Wal-Mart, getting my picture snapped.

I'm wearing a black tank top, a lace and ruffle vest, jeans, and my loafers.

I'm also wearing my Darling Declan baby! 


Check back tomorrow for another guest post! I am totally smitten with Mrs. Robinson. This summer we're going to hang out and it's going to be awesome. She'll be guest posting tomorrow and you'll love it!

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  1. Hey! =) Two way street, girl. We'll call it Smitten Street. =) haha


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