Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Embarrassing? Psht!

There's something so liberating about coming out with it. I am linking up with The Eloping Stethoscope in lieu of Mom2MemphisandRuby's Tuesday Top 10. Paige is hosting this month and has a pretty banging topic for this week!

Reader Beware: You're about to get to know me... really well. 

Disclaimer: Isn't it crazy how the 'embarrassing things' are often just 'the truth'. I was thinking and came to the conclusion after this list that I get embarrassed about things I have done and shouldn't have.  However, instead of hiding behind the shame, I do it and then learn from it and then don't hide it from anyone. I have found being honest about my 'learning experiences' helps me overcome and learn from each one. I get a strange sense of accomplishment, perhaps because I overcame them and the shame. People make mistakes. I'm a professional. Also, some of these embarrassing things are things I could be embarrassed about... but I'm not. Starting with Number One:

1. I see a therapist.
         Before you say I shouldn't be embarrassed, you see the way someone looks at you when you start a sentence with "Yeah, I know what you mean! My therapist said..."

2. I hate to shower.
        I hate to bathe. I hate to get wet. The longest I have ever gone without a bath is about 13 days... give or take a few. I used to have to be coaxed into it. Hahaha, this one time, I had to be forced into the tub like a cat would have been. Don't worry though, I'm not the smelly kid. Ha! I've since changed my hippie ways.

3 & 4. I never graduated college.
        I hate school. I've been to two and dropped out of both within a few weeks. Technically, I don't even think I can say I gave it the ol' college try! 
       Another thing... I majored in booze and sex. There, I said it. The few years after high school and those couple of weeks I spent in college made me a shining example of why you shouldn't shelter your kids too much. Let them make their mistakes at home, in high school, where you can protect them and help them and save them from bigger mistakes. I was the stereotypical crazy ass girl with no direction and with no idea how to lead my own life because until then, no one let me. Want to scare your kids straight? Call me. For reals.

5. This photo:

6. I sing karaoke.
       I should be embarrassed about it because I suck at it. My fave song to sing is Johnny & June's "Jackson". A couple of drinks and an energized mischievousness have landed me mid bar belting this classic more than once!

7 & 8. My day job.
         I model.I know, most women would be proud. I really am of the runway stuff, it's the pin up stuff that makes my cheeks blush. 
         I'm also kinda embarrassed about our 'real' day job... even though I spend all of my energy convincing my husband we shouldn't be. We work in scrap metal; in a junkyard. It's the complete opposite of a glamorous day job like modeling, but it pays the bills really, REALLY, REALLY well.

9. I totally love The Twilight Saga.
         If you've ever had a fairy tale romance (like I did in high school) then you get it. No explanation necessary.

10. I'm a klutz.
         Just now, I busted my lip while putting my headphones back on to listen to music as I finish this post.


  1. I love your list. I'm super klutzy as well. No idea where it comes from. You're blog is so cute and just so you! I started following. Congrats on getting married and having a baby!

  2. Awh, I am new here and looove your blog!! Half of these things I wouldn't be embarrassed about, esp the therapist part. Everyone should have one!!

  3. Where do I even begin? (1) I WISH I had the money to see a therapist, because I totally would. I did see one a few times, but it got too expensive after a week and I just wasn't able to continue. I think it's awesome that you DO and are able to see one, and that you can admit it. (2) I hear ya on showering. Haha. BEEN THERE. (3) Uh, we would have been BEST FRIENDS in high school and college, so it's probably a really good thing that we didn't know each other. It would added fuel to the fires. (4) I love your hair. :) And the picture of you eating the shoe. I actually have a pretty similar (drunk) picture of myself. (5) Your pinup pictures are so hot, and I mean that in the straightest possible way. :) And who cares if scrap metal isn't glamorous? The richest people I know own a scrap metal yard, so screw everyone else. I could go on and on, but I think I've covered most of the bases. :))

  4. I love you! Seriously! I do!!!!

  5. this is hilarious. and awesome. and amazing. and everything great wrapped up in one big word. and, girl. you lookin' sexy rummaging through that scrap metal. almost couldn't tell which one was the modelling picture. almost.


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