Sunday, September 9, 2012

Backporch Sunshine

I hope you are lucky enough to get to sit on a Southern Porch at least once in your life.

I hope for you that you get to rock in a wicker chair,
 listen to the cicadas and the bullfrogs communicate, 
and talk about the day with a whippoorwill!

The above photo is last night's sunset and the photo below is this morning's sunrise.

I found these amazing videos I couldn't help but share:

I'm going to try to record our whippoorwill tonight!

Have a gorgeous Sunday!


  1. Beautiful Sunset last night! Love you!

  2. This post makes me cry, a little. We JUST got back to Charlotte (like, an hour ago) after spending a weekend in the country of SC. Sigh. Leaving my parents was rather emotional, for me. I'm a lucky girl to have been raised on back porches around bull frogs. </3 There really is no place like home.

    And your HOME is lovely. Such beautiful mountains!

  3. Love love that first photo, what a wonderful sight!! Love sitting and watching the sky :)) Hope you have a super week doll xx

  4. Oh I want to sit on a southern porch so bad too!!!

  5. I REALLY want to live in the south.I love fiction that takes place in the south and the thought of having WEATHER!! The only thing stopping me is the little fact that everyone I know lives in California :p

  6. Newest follower - found your blog from bloglovin actually! lol. love sunrises and sunsets!


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