Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quality vs. Quantity

First post of the week, YAY! 

I'm going to celebrate because I'm going to take in all the 'plus' that I can. I had a sick baby, ya'll. No lie. It happened to me. Well, him. Poor little guy even had an allergic reaction to his medication. Unfortunately, it seems his daddy's luck was an inheritable trait! Thankfully he also inherited him mama's immune system and has seemed to kick it to the curb. *fingers crossed* 

Declan likes to do what we all like to do when he's sick... watch television. My 5 month old is in LOVE with Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I mean, I like it too, but he REALLY likes it. I wouldn't usually let him watch so many episodes in one day, but he was quite persistent about it. He was so darn cute. I wish we had a photo. This will have to do... it's an 'awwww' moment just the same:

*no, I do not have my sick baby at the fair... this was before*
*no, I'm not wearing make up... I look weird, eh?*

Man, I've been through it this week. My husband's ex decided to waltz back into our lives this week demanding visitation rights that she lost quite some time ago. I learned this week that it is even harder to take the high road than I thought. We discussed every option and finally decided on one that benefited everyone, we think and hope and pray. It's so so so hard to work an extended family. If you're considering it, with no clue what you're getting yourself into, ASK. Find out what you're up against. I was raised in it and was lucky enough to learn from it but it has not made it any easier and I still feel like I have no flippin' clue what the hell I'm doing. Find a solid support system too. I mean that. You'll need someone telling you to either stay sane or get sane. You better have tough skin too. I can best describe what I mean with this: Have you ever seen the Modern Family episode where Jay is recounting the visit Manny, his 'stepson', had with his 'real' dad once or twice a year? Jay says (and I paraphrase), "I know I'm not Manny's father... but maybe I don't like being reminded." or something like that. That is because of things like this:

O'Ryan: "Mom? You know what'd be cool? If I had a Lego figure of you!"
Me: not expecting to see this 15 minutes later:

I love my husband. I love my sons. I love my family.

I wanna 'RAWR' right here right now like a mama bear.
If for any reason, just to prove my point. <3


  1. As a member of a blended family, I'm feelin' ya. Luckily, we don't have any drama like that going on; my husband's kids have very attentive moms. It's always so hard going through stepfamily woes when many people don't understand the singular problems that they bring.

  2. You are beautiful, even without your makeup. :) Love that picture of you and Declan! So sweet! Love you!

  3. Anna LOVES the mickey mouse clubhouse and baby Iggy's a fan too!!! I usually carry baby Iggy into the living room and put him in his bouncer, and turn on the tv so they can watch it while I make breakfast. If Anna's not in the room I turn the volume up and soon enough I hear her little feet running into the living room haha


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