Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Therapy Sesh Lession and Anxiety Sucks

Last week was rough, as I have heard was common for so many people! The cool thing about it? 

That it passed. 

We made it through and now we're rolling down hill, with the wind in our hair and the sun shining on our backs!

I'll share with you one of the most amazing things I learned in therapy this past year.

In a session I spent grieving over my frequent losing battles with depression and anxiety I explained how I felt a failure for not being able to control my emotions and keep the positive outlook that I loved so much.

It was suggested that instead of fighting the negative that I just go with it. Ride it out. Let it do it's thing and move forward, knowing that it would pass. Emotions often correspond with stages in life and like a roller coaster are constantly up and down... but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong or that there's a need for medication or other things.

The trick is to learn to find the common ground. When you're experiencing an extreme high, enjoy it but know that it will pass. Likewise, when you're experiencing an extreme low, stay focused and know that it will pass and the good times will be back.

Acknowledging this has saved my sanity.


  1. You know this is me too, right? And I think that you are right. The trick is to know it is all a trick and it will go just as it came. It is not our reality. That, to me, is the shitty part about depression and anxiety. It consumes you so quickly and easily that you feel as though it is your reality, when it is all a trick. You get sucked in and before you know it you have been depressed for days and it is hard to turn around.

    I have been drawn to the old quote "this too shall pass" as a reminder that good/bad, all are just moments that will pass. You are right... ride it out :)

    So glad you are having a better week. Enjoy it, will be thinking of you.

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    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  3. Hey missy...I'm giving you the Liebster blog award today. You totally deserve it! I hope you're having fun with your little man. Can't wait to see you back on the blog. :)


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