Friday, January 31, 2014

Working Man's Fairy Tale

Mr. Ramey looked up to find me taking photos of the work he and Brett were doing. They were cutting a metal frame that came from underneath a truck into pieces, like you do. He walked over while Brett was working the chainsaw and said to me, "You really like this kind of stuff, don't you?" Of course I do. There were flames and the smell of oil. We're in the middle of the mountains in gorgeous Rabun County, Georgia. It isn't glamorous but it's goooood money, Honey. AND there's just something about watching a man wield a roaring blade against steel dragons that gets my heart pumping every time. Brett's manly physique is so very obvious when he's lifting a few hundred pounds at a time... loading the heavy pieces one by one. After the battle he drives me away in a white pick up truck. I've even got a thing for his lumberjack beanie and vintage Levi's pearl snap. I was never one for fairy tales but this one set is getting good. 

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