Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweater Weather Fashion Faves

It's that time of year again! 
Time to look less sexy and more comfy.

Break out the scarf! I collect them, so the first sign of a chill and I'm all thrilled!
I personally carry my hoodie year round, but I like having the good old 'campfire' excuse to snuggle up in it.

I can't resist a good cardigan with skinnnies and fall fave footwear, boots.
I buy cardigans everywhere, but my fave spot to score them is thrift stores.
I personally seek the 'old lady' type. 
The sleeves often are a bit short, but I roll them or at the most, hem them to a crop fit.

I was delighted years ago when wearing shorts and tights became a fashion must.
This look, with a classic velvet jacket, gives way for my desire to be edgy and comfy.

I achieve my most favorite look by pairing my skinny black skirt 
with a pair of thigh high stockings and a chunky sweater. 
But I can't wait to pull off the 'night' version of the look above... 
with a sweater pulled over a glamorous dress!
Lover Boy is gonna have to take me somewhere nice!


I'm LINKING UP with Mom2MemphisandRuby for Fall Fashion Must Have's Top 10!

Okay, so I shared the link to this post on Facebook and had to include the song for those of you link back to there from there:


  1. OMG! Psycho Killer is like one of my favorite songs. I watched the video 3 times. No lie. The sequin skirt and sweater is too fun.

    1. Hahaha! Forreals, right!? I couldn't help myself...

  2. Those are awesome picks...I think I'm going to try the shorts over tights thing as I just destroyed my last pair of jeans & just made them into shorts, will see how it goes ;) And big sweaters are a must as much of the time I find a jacket too hot for me even if the late Fall/Winter time. Hope you have a sweet day doll x

  3. The sweater over the glam dress = PERFECT. I can't wait to put it into action. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Shorts over jeans are one of my most favorite looks. I started wearing this style in France, and I was so excited to finally see it in American catalogs last year! It's hard for me to find pants that fit, but I can always find flattering shorts & tights.

  5. Boots and scarves scarves and boots! Love them, unfortunately being a tight-budgeted college gal right now there isn't a lot of affording that stufff going on. I have one pair of black riding style boots that zip up on the inside and come up to my knees are durable and tough and elegant all at the same time that I adore. They were an acceptable investment because I needed them as part of my costume when I was a sword fighter last fall in a production of "The Three Musketeers," ha!

    1. Hahah! What a perfect excuse! You mind if I ask where you got your boots? I'm on the hunt for exactly the same thing right now...

      Did you see my maxi dress post from today? I'm a pro at tight budget fashion finds!

    2. My little brother is actually the one who found them - he has a ridiculously good eye for fashion and price. Generally if I get a compliment on an item in my wardrobe, it is something my 15 year old, baseball playing, deer hunting, video game champ of a brother picked out. So I'm not really sure where he dug them up!

  6. I love the way you tied your scarf... I'm always on the lookout for new ways! I also love your tattoos, I think they are the perfect accessory for any season :).

  7. Man, you're so cool!
    Great list! Happy to have you back in blogland!
    Thanks for linking up and supporting me! ♥

  8. I've always loved your white shirt belt skinny jean's combo! Favorite outfit and photo of you. Can't wait for you to pull it out again this year!


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