Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fashion Alert!

I LOVE coming across a new trend that I can be a part of... 
especially when the added bonus is me not looking too out of the ordinary, 
like I usually do. Anyway, any excuse will do! 
So without further ado!

If you don't get ASOS's emails, you should. They are amazing! They send out several announcing sales and such like everyone else, but they also send out trend reports which, for me, are always on cue! To my delight, they listed what they are calling a 'Trophy Jacket' as a must have for F/W '12! They advertise: "Turn heads in a trophy jacket. Embellished, brocade, or jacquard: whatever, as long as it's loud." I'm not sure if you already knew it was called a 'Trophy Jacket' but I didn't so I'm excited to have an official term for my collection! That's right, I've been collecting jackets like these for years! Take a look at a few ASOS has for sale:

Did you notice what I did? They look like a collection of a bunch of fashionable old lady jackets! Some even have 3/4 inch sleeves, which I've found to be the case when I fit into petite sizes when thrifting. I usually buy them anyway (I once scored a $400 dinner coat for $5... even though it was 2 sizes too small. I wear it anyway because the shoulders fit!) and I'm so glad because now I can sport them on trend

Me wearing my $5 score!


  1. Love the jackets, so much easier than a big bulky coat!! You look gorgeous doll xx

  2. This is great! I totally hear you on how cool it is when a fashion you already love becomes 'on trend.' For me, this year it's been colored jeans. I've been wearing purple and green jeans for years, since high school, and people always thought that was weird, but now they're all the rage--the thing I love about them coming in style is that they are actually readily available in stores (they used to be hard to find!) so I can add to my collection!


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