Monday, January 16, 2012


Contego The Kipling - PAPER X Contego

My favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever owned were a pair of classic black Ray Ban's.

They were left by a guest at a party I threw once.

They were stolen from me in a gay bar in Athens a year later. Last year.


I never thought that I would find a replacement pair I liked so much! And even more surprisingly, I'm not really one for pink.

So just what is it about these PAPER X Contego The Kipling frames?

Probably something to do with the simplicity of the frame and the fact I desperately desire a piece of neon chicwear for my summer wardrobe. Or it could just have everything to do with the little umbrella on the side and the rain drop on the front left frame.

you'll never know

Contego The Kipling - PAPER X Contego


  1. Love those sunnies! So fun! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comments!

    Also, it isn't too late to enter my Madison Elizabeth Co. Clutch giveaway! It's open until 7:00 PM EST! :) Go ahead and enter!


  2. these glasses rock!
    and i totally feel your loss. my favorite pair of ray bans were stolen too :( my bestie gave them to me after her return trip from italy. they were the best glasses ever.


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