Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wish! {out loud} #7

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Happy Wish! {out loud} Sunday! Robin, Krystina, and I are psyched you're here! Join us and share the love (and linky, too)! xoxo
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I wish I was half as awesome as my kid!

He went with me to an appointment the other day and he got restless so I handed him my camera and let him loose. Here are some of my favorite images from his 1 hour of freedom:

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  1. His picture taking skills are better than mine :)

  2. Ashley Marie. This made my heart sing. I am so proud of him!

  3. Love these pictures! =)

  4. love the wish idea. and your son is super talented! seriously those are some artistic photos. i always laugh at the photos my kid takes with my camera. they usually end up being extremely unflattering close ups of me :)

    great blog. i'm following you now too!

  5. My son loved to take pics with my camera, so we bought him a kid camera. He loves it. I love his perspective. :) Great pics!!


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