Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've noticed the women who read my blog generally have between 25-75 or 200-400 followers... unless I comment on the bloggers between 500-1500 who return the favor of commenting. So let's see if we can gain a significant following of random people who genuinely take interest in your blog! I suggest a link-up like no other I've seen!

starting February 1, 2012


Let's take this link up thing a couple of steps farther, starting with Facebook.

Let's help some sista's out.

Take my pledge. I dare you.

I pledge for one week, every day, to post the link URL of a different blogger's website. 

There are bazillions of people on Facebook and just think of the potential exposure of one person posting your URL for their 500 friends to see.

Let's promote new bloggers and make some new friends in the mean time!

If you're interested, LINK UP! and DO IT NOW! That way, when we launch and all of my readers and your readers and so on read about this link up you're name will already be on the list of people who want their blog shared!


1. Post a blog about this link up and link up, of course!

2. For the next 5 days pick a different blogger from this link up and post their url in your Blog Facebook Page's 'Status' box.

3. *optional* Leave that blogger a comment on their post about this link up letting them know you picked them that day!



  1. Hi dear, following you back on GFC and Bloglovin. Thank you! xx Joice

  2. You're such a blog lover :) I'm silly in that I've never told anyone I actually know about my blog. I keep debating over changing this but then once i put it out there there's no going back, so I get the shakes when I think about it haha

    1. Oh my gosh... I was the same way for years! I've had so many blogs in the past but felt I had to keep them secret because the content might not be approved by people who knew me in real life. I got over that this year... I think I just got exhausted keeping up with so many rules. I figure this is who I am in real life and ppl can take it or leave it :) Besides, honestly, I don't actually think there are that many people I know who read my blog regularly.

      Your blog is awesome and I can't imagine anyone else not thinking so!

  3. Excited for this! Keep me in the loop. Will you write about it and promote on Blog Tap?

  4. Oh wait - I don't have a blog Facebook account! Can I cheat and post a link on Twitter? And my personal Facebook?

    1. p.s. I think I like the first title best.

    2. you can use either your personal or blog fb account to promote the other blogs... it's all done anonymously so I don't think it matters! Thanks for linking up!!!

  5. How fun! I'll write up a post tonight!

  6. Gonna get down on it...and am putting up your button on my blog!

  7. this seems interesting! and im game :)
    im gonna work on this tonight and link-up!
    seriously awesome.
    thanks again for linking up to mine :)

  8. linked up:) i had trouble with your button:(


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