Thursday, December 22, 2011

Basic Space

I am starting to put on my baby weight. I've noticed that besides my thickening waist line, I am also losing energy to dress myself and am losing tolerance with uncomfortable fabrics... so I try to put together the easiest and most comfy outfit I can. On a funny note, I totally noticed that you could see through my black shirt a bit to my leopard bra. I could not have cared less, I was not about to change again.

Basic Space by The XX

This song is one of my and Brett's absolute favorite songs. We discovered it during the first few weeks of our lives together and were enamored with it for months. The outfit is named appropriately as it is compiled with a few of every woman's (should be) basics. And come on, why not pop it out with a slam of glam red!?

Black T-Shirt: F21
Leopard Print Bra: Victoria's Secret
Grey Maxi Skirt: Kima (Pac Sun)
Grey Sweatshirt: J Crew
Black Ankle Boots: F21
Glamorous Necklace: Banana Republic
Red Lipstick: Estee Lauder


  1. I love your tattoos :) I wish I had the balls to get something like that...

  2. Thanks! I hope you get this response, I can't find your blog... your profile is marked private :(

  3. You are a beautiful prego mama! I think it is wonderful you found away to still look great even though the energy to do so is waning.(I never did that and still don't most of the time)

  4. Can I say I adore your freaking tattoos! And aww baby bump <3 So adorable. Your such a gorg prego mama! <3

    I adore classic black and/or gray outfits with red lips. Something about them just love them.

  5. ah your tattoos are lovely. I went so long with keeping all mine where I could hide them, then I went and got a visible one. Ahhh I wish I would have dont the top arm sleeves like yours! Your to damn cute! and lovin the bump! xoxo happy holidays.


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