Friday, December 9, 2011

what SHE wore

This is more of a post about what Beth wore. Beth = Awesome! She's a dear friend who shares a love of music, culture, and most important to this post... FASHION. She blew me away the other day when she showed up wearing this amazingly cute cropped jacket! Or so it seemed. She'd actually been thrifting and GUESS WHAT!? She found this most adorable little boys blazer

I honestly would have spent a hot minute figuring out how to acquire such an effortlessly chic look. She delighted me by sharing not one but three looks where she is rocking the few boy's blazers she's found. 

We all know what the best form of flattery is, right? Right! Copycatting (is that even grammatically correct!? meh) So here's my take. I spent a bit of time in my local thrift store before remembering that I was on a mission and headed straight for the little boys section. Here is my $2 score:

Not bad, eh? I was pretty proud of this outfit! I wore it on a date with my Baby Daddy last Friday night... before we maxed our credit cards, got kicked out of the bar, and then hit the boulevard. hahaha

{--------------------------> dork face}

Blazer: vintage Jacobson's little boy jacket
Prego Tank: Target
Black Stretch Pants: Fossil
Heels: BCBG (Ross)
Jewelry: made by me

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  1. I can't believe you were able to find a boy's jacket too!! that sort of thing NEVER works out for me!

  2. Love that jacket! Little boy blazers are the best!

  3. So cute!!! Which thrift store do you hit up around here?

  4. Seriously, $2!!! That blazer is amazing! I need to get out thrifting! Much better use of my limited funds!


  5. Hey! THanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be followin you!


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