Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Luxe Wishlist

I want a set of pearls.  

A real, beautiful, classic set that a lady would wear. I have always desired a set of pearls. I never wanted to buy them for myself for some reason, though. I imagined they would be given to me in memory of a special event... like from my father on my wedding day or inherited from a great grandmother. Perhaps they would be gifted to me by a beau captivated with them as he is with me. Regardless.


I want a (Michael Kors) watch.

A real, beautiful, classic... eh, you get the drift. It's been 20 years almost since I've owned one and I've held out long enough. I think know I'm old enough to handle the responsibility now. (background: I was given a Micky Mouse watch by my Dad & Mom when I was 10... the main thing I remember is how quickly I lost it. I've been afraid to own one ever since... literally.)

I want diamond earrings.

White Diamond Stud Earrings for Dress for Success
white diamond stud earrings by Christine Mighion

Large Rough Diamond Stud Earrings in Gold
natural uncut diamond studs by LexLuxe

I want a purse. 

A ridiculously priced (in my opinion) gift that will be given to me just because I would never spend the dime myself and sometimes life's special occasions call for such a thing.

Leather Bag Purse - OPELLE Ballet Bag - Large Size in Mink Pebbled Leather New
leather bag purse by Opelle


  1. Wow I love the things you chose...especially the earrings!
    I saw that i was the winner of the MK gift set i'm SO excited!!
    What info do you need from me?

  2. My blog somehow got deleted:( I'm pretty sure my google account was hacked because it is not letting me even get on my blogger. If you could please go to my new one and follow me there. It'll be under construction for a while because I'm almost too upset to be blogging now.

    Thank you so much for being a follower!


  3. This might be my favorite post you've done because I want everything in the post as well! Especially the watches...

  4. Love the uncut diamond earrings!

  5. Love your jewelry selections. Those uncut diamonds are so awesome, and every girl needs a good set of pearl EVERYTHING!


    I'm hosting a vintage dress giveaway on my blog, hope you will stop by!



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