Saturday, December 3, 2011


I went to a masquerade themed tea party last night with my frands. I didn't get one damn photo of  us with out masks. FAIL, Dahlin. But I did get this one:

In Sadie's defense, she didn't know about the dresses. Communication mishap... but her ability to put together a rockin casual yet appropriate outfit wins again. I want to note how much I love these lovely ladies. For one, we're freakin hilarious. I laughed sooo much. We're like the Golden Girls... only better. Yes, I dare say so. I find my confidence and myself when I am surrounded by these beauties. As a matter of fact I found myself in this extremely awkward situation last night that I would  NOT have made it through without their presence. (I ran into the best friend of my abusive ex's new girlfriend. I had no idea who she was but she knew me. ACK! More on that later.)

Okay, so seriously, I was mega impressed with the decor (and some of the food) last night! The hostess, Andrea, made this killer chandelier using a strand of lights and a hula hoop (yessss... a HULA HOOP). DIY to the glorious maxxx.

Here are the handmade snowflake ornaments she made from glitter and toilet paper rolls. She hung them on branches that she gathered herself and slightly spray painted white. 


She made these little bites that reminded me of a Take 5 candy bar. THEN she told me how to make them.

Take one square pretzel, top with a Rolo, place a pecan on top & heat in the oven at 250 for 4 minutes then just press the pecan down into the Rolo.

She planned and decorated this entire affair for only $1.

She wins. 


  1. Love this post! :) So glad you girls came with me!

  2. Would you mind if I used your picture of the hula hoop chandelier on one of my Squidoo pages? I would give you or your site (whichever you prefer) credit and link back to here. You can find the page at if you want to see. Thank you!


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