Sunday, December 4, 2011

WISH! {out loud} Numero 2

Good morning Dahlin! 

GUESS WHAT!? It's WISH! {out loud} Sunday! 

I've decided to keep with the whole vlog idea... so here goes:

Sooooo yes. I hope to one day be spectacular at 'vlogging' but until then thanks for watching anyway!

Be sure to hop over to Krystina's blog (Cup 'a Hot Chocolate) and Robin's blog (Fly Far. Fly Free.) and check them out too!

Join us!'s what you need to know:
1. Write your blog post including your Wish! {out loud}.
2. Grab and display the Wish! {out loud} button in your post.
3. Link up through one of the hosts' blogs because it will show up on all three.
4. Start visiting other blogs, making friends, and make a Wish! come true.


  1. Hi Pretty Lady :]
    I really hope your wish does come true. Because you are correct, it is important to play and be involved in playing at their age. I know you like to why don't you come up with a craft that the 3 of you can do together for the holidays? Or involve them in baking some Christmas cookies. It is hard to get involved in imaginative play, so this could be a different form of playing with them!
    Much love,

  2. Oh my god. I am stunned. Holy moly. That is me. We should skype sometime, I would love someone to talk it over with, and I may even get emotional on you. (read:cry) I struggle with this so much.

    Do you think you are a ESTJ? Google it and read- I wonder...


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