Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Fantasticness

Watch this: 

Did you nearly die laughing as hard as I did when I saw this?

This happened to me! My darling beau bought me a car for Christmas. It's not just any old car either... it's an old totally awesome hipster fantastic car! A white 1991 Volvo 240. It's so spectacular it has burnt orange/yellow colored leather interior!

I do not look as thrilled as I actually was because my family was showing up and I catch enough grief from  them for acting a fool as it is. :) I made out like a freakin bandit this year! This was my other most awesome gift from Brett:

Honestly though (insert sappy music here) I seriously made the best memories this year. My wonderful smart  4 year old little boy nailed it yesterday when he was overheard saying to O'Ryan:

"Do you know what just happened here!? AWESOME! 'AWESOME' just happened here!"

Here are some snapshots of just what 'AWESOME' exactly was:

my children: excited about getting books from Mimi Cathy & Aunt Claire

I hope your holidays were as blessed as mine! I was not nearly prepared for the joy I experienced yesterday. Honestly, Christmas doesn't hold very many pleasant memories in my mind. I am looking so forward to making many, many more with Brett and our children!

*I sincerely apologize to those of you were looking for Wish! {out loud} Sunday link up... I dropped the ball in a major way. We'll be back up and running this Sunday, mark my word!*


  1. Glad your Christmas was filled with awesome-sauce. That car looks totally amazing. If you lived closer I'd make you take me for a ride in it. ;)

  2. That's so awesome! I'm happy about the car and iPad, but I'm really excited for you that you are making some awesome memories and that you are so happy. God is really blessing you, girl! :) Love, Steph T.

  3. I'm so glad this was a great Christmas for you! That car is *awesome*!! Merry Christmas to you and yours ((hugs)).

  4. It looks like you had an excellent Christmas, Happy Holidays!

  5. SUPER EXCITED ABOUT YOUR AWESOME NEW CAR! Cant wait to take that baby out for a night on the town! :) xoxo

  6. Looks like a fun day. I love your christmas tree!


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