Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quote Book, literally

I have this little super awesome note book I got for hella cheap (like 2 bucks I think) at Pier One during Christmas a few years ago. 

I held on to it for a period of time before coming up with a perfect use for it: a quote book. The little forget me not elephant is just too cute and perfect for this purpose!

You see, I have the pleasure of being surrounded by some pretty hilarious people. You won't believe some of the words that come out of the mouths of my friends. I decided instead of reminiscing being the only way to remember them, I'd just log them. I also log quotes I find pertinent to my current state of mind and such, like this one:

Here's some of my fave's from the past 6 years gone by...
*names have been sorta changed to protect the guilty*

It all started with this one. We were sitting around the dining room table (partying, of course) and someone knocked at the front door. My confused girlfriend got up and answered it but seemed really nervous. She laughed after she let our (new) friend in and when we asked her about why she had been so nervous she replied,

"The only people who use the front door are people who don't know us that well. 
Like family." 
- Lizzbeth 11:39 PM February 25, 2005

"You melted my heart and tightened my jeans."
or better yet
"Daughter lock up your mothers. It's time for cookies and MILF."
-Brando March 2009

"You're like my straight friend who understands the power of a pretty boy."
-unclaimed 3/29/10

"Whatever happened to old America with the pitchforks and fire? I would SO be in that crowd!"
-Lizzbeth 3/20/10

"Today is the solar eclipse." -Christan
"Grand. Unless I have a virgin to sacrifice it's of no use to me."
-Sadie 11/25/11

and a funny convo between friendlies:

"I'm a nice person." -Robin
"No you're not." -Lori
"No. I'm not." -Robin
"You pretend to be a nice person around 
people who don't know you that well." -Lori
Girls Nite Out 1/22/10


  1. this would be a great gift for my sis's 30th bday! maybe with some quotes already written picked specifically for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I adore this notebook! & the quotes :)

  3. I have a quote book too! Sometimes it's nice to have uplifting words to look back on. :)

  4. This is such an amazing idea!

    Just stopping by from yesterdays blog hop and now your newest follower:)



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