Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Boy Wish List

Will's Father: Congratulations, Grace, we have a gift for you!
Grace: Oooh, a present? For me!?
Will's Father: Well, no, for the baby.
Grace: Ahhh. Well that's nice too.

I have been asked by my darling bff (Tambi Jeanne ----> click her button, Little Mrs. Sunshine) to put together a Wish List for my upcoming baby shower she is throwing for me. Yes, this is my second but the Etiquette Rules I have researched say that if it has been more than 3 years, is the first with this husband, or (my fave) because you just want to celebrate then it's totally okay.

Since I have had a little boy and my sisters have had several little boys I don't really need anything... 'cept new cloth diapers, bottles, and a breast pump! So I've put together a short list of things I want, that will make my life a bit easier I think. 

So my mom sent me a variety of cloth diapers when Aiden Gray was born and I found the easiest ones to use were the ones with velcro or the ones with snaps. My only disappointment was that they didn't really grow with him. After a few weeks, I couldn't use them anymore. Some made GREAT cloth rags for cleaning but most were donated to help a woman's shelter in Asia after the typhoon hit. I've been doing research and I want to go with these Thirsties diapers. They versatile and this design grows with the little tyke! 
Thirsties Duo Wrap
Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap Diaper Size One

I have used a breast pump before and I could not imagine life with out one. I had both an electric and a manual. I hated the electric one... the discomfort and the likeness to being milked like a cow were enough to make me dread it! So yes, manual it is!
Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
Medela Harmony Manual Pump

I could actually use this Yoga DVD now! I read an excellent review of it over at Manic Mrs. Stone and I am excited to try it. I was just beginning a daily yoga regimen when I found out I was pregnant, but then I was just too nauseous to stretch or lean in any way.

Baby Boy Burp Cloths - Boutique Boy Burp Cloth Set - Blue and Green- Sweet Little Lad - Ready to Ship
ADORABLE Baby Boy Burp Cloths

Declan already loves to be all balled up in my belly and I'm betting biscuits that he'll be down for snuggling close to me during the day! This wrap appears to be the most versatile I've seen yet!
baby wrap by boba
THIS Grey Boba Baby Wrap
$48 HERE

THIS would make an ADORABLE DIY gift!
Great baby gift~

I'm absolutely terrified of giving a baby a bath. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure that, like last time, my mother will bathe my baby for the first 2 weeks of his life! Unless.... I have this. I couldn't possibly hurt him!
Blooming Bath Baby Bath
Blooming Baby Bath
$40 @ Blooming Bath


  1. I just love that flower bath, how precious is that!?! I hope you get all that you would need to make it easier on you & I think it's perfectly justified to have another baby's a new life coming and that is always worth celebrating no matter how many times!! Have a wonderful weekend!! XXX

    1. Thank you, Dahlin! I am hopin and prayin and wishin that he'll be as laid back as his brother. Fingers crossed!

  2. aw. this is such a neat idea!
    and that bath tub is just super cute and adorable!

    1. I know, right!? It's seriously the thing I want the most on here. <3

  3. Whoa that bath thing looks amazing!!!
    I have totally been considering putting up a post similar to this too - only for a little girl :P

    Oh and Thirsties is an awesome company. I just got 5 covers in the mail for my little mermaid. I got the snap kind though instead of the velcro. Not sure why...velcro sounds easier lol!

    1. Do ittttt! I'm probably going to get the snap kind too. After I posted this I thought about how they're supposed to last for so many months and how I'd probably have to replace the velcro. Bleh, I'd rather not!

  4. That's a true list and in my opinion there are various reasons for using breast pumps as many women go on work so they require breast pumps to express breast milk as they have little time, which is later bottle fed to their child by a babysitter or caretaker.


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