Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Between Two Evils, Both.

As my pregnancy curse draws to an end, I find myself daydreaming more and more about what I'm going to get to do when I'm NOT pregnant. Things I've been refraining from in order to be a stand up mom from the get go. Things that remind me that Mommy has a life.
{Warning! This is one of those 4:07 AM confession like posts that has not been edited to appease anyone.}

I Want To:

1. Do it. That's right, do it. Starting out strong, here, but bare with me. Bare it all. That's what I want to do. I mean, let's face it, I've spent more months pregnant with my beau (with ailments... like, all of them) than not and well... my current physical state is testament to what we found out we had in common after we started dating.

2. Drink the whole bottle of wine... myself. Specifically on a night when I'm hanging on the back porch of certain friend's house. Or sunning in the pool at others. Then, because I'm sure my tolerance will be devoured by the same evil wizard who took it in spite after my first pregnancy, I want to experience the love/hate relationship with a hangover that only allows memories of the night entrance into my psyche in forms of bright broken rays of light.

3. Go hiking with my boys. I'm especially wanting to get more into geocacheing. I haven't ever taken Aiden Gray with me but come on, he's my kid and his father's son so he'll totally be down to hunt for treasure. Also, I want to see Aiden's face light up when he first recognizes the water fall is in front of him. I'll probably let him spend another summer running around nude in the middle of the woods splashing in and out of the stream. Heck, you're only 5 once! Then, we'll watch The Goonies.

4. Sleep on my belly. I usually sleep in a very feminine seductive position that beckons for me to be cuddled. However, if I'm exhausted, like really exhausted, then I like to fall into the bed face first with limbs hanging over the edge and my OCD thrown out of the window! The drama behind the emotion is suited for my personality. Ha! Anyway... it's been months now since I woke up on my belly with a smile in my own drool to the comfort of a fully rested body and soul.

5. Go dancing. I want to meet up with Stella, dress the part, and head to Athens for a night of dancing, ciggies, and whiskey sours. Our handlers will be Jameson for her and Jack for me, as always. (That one's for you, too, Julie) We'll start the night mixing and matching our mood with the appropriate scene and end up where ever we're entertained more.

6. Eat sushi. 7. Wear a miniskirt. 8. Wake up on the beach. 9. Throw a party. 10. See a Motion City Soundtrack show.

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  1. Haha!
    Love this... you're all sorts of awesome!
    {don't forget to add the link to my post so others will see it too!!}

  2. p.s & totally unrelated to your post... how do you get your little buttons to be side by side? ----->

    I'd love to do that with my swap buttons!

    1. By changing the template on Blogger. It's one of the three column lay outs.

  3. Fantastic list!! I can relate to the sleeping bit, I hated only being able to sleep in few positions without feeling sore!! Almost there for you!! xxx

  4. I'm so in! Sex, wine, sushi, mini skirts, dancing and the beach sound like the perfect day.

    1. Right!? haha! Did you see my shout out to you? :D

  5. I love your post-pregnancy plans! We get pictures, right? At least of the mini skirt, the night out dancing, the bottle of wine... :D

  6. Motion City Soundtrack...Ah! I've seen them four times. AMAZING! Absolutely amazing!

    1. Meee too! I can't wait to hear the new album and catch them on tour. They'll be here in April!


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