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I had every intention on posting this yesterday but was otherwise distracted!

1. I love his determination. When we met Brett was probably the first (yes, FIRST) man to ask me out on a date, appropriately. He came to me and introduced himself and hung out with me for a bit as a friend before asking me out to dinner. He made me feel like a lady! He made me feel respected and desired. Then, I turned him down. I have NO idea what I was thinking... I nearly passed on the most amazing man I still have ever met! He stuck around though... or rather, allowed me to stick around while I figured things out. When we had only been together a few months, I wrote 'Our Love Story'. It's cute, there wasn't much to write because we had only been together 2 months when he proposed. I'm thinking of writing another to see what perspective I would have now.
Our Love Story
Ashley Marie was a waitress at Natalie Jane's Tavern. Brett was a chef at Black Dog Bistro. Brett asked Ashley out and she said "No." but she let him buy her lots and lots and lots and LOTS of lunches. Ashley told Brett to listen to a song called "Stand Too Close" by Motion City Soundtrack. They became best friends and drank wine, listened to music, and talked all night... and morning. Then she said "Yes!" Their first date was at Glen Ella Springs. Brett met Aiden. Ashley met O'Ryan. They all went to the park and they all fell in love. Now they're going to be a family.

2. Our 'firsts' have each been more amazing than the one before.
3. Brett is extremely supportive. Every single idea I come up with for whatever reason, he's there. He wants me to keep putting effort into doing the things I love. He likes to see me work hard and succeed. My business, my blog, my parenting are all much more rewarding now that I have him backing me. Even our failed attempts at things, like our blog 'Dating for Dinner' have been fun!
4. He is determined to be the best man he can be. 
5. Brett depends on me to be there for him. I know, at first thought, this wouldn't seem  like a good thing. Women typically don't seem to go for the 'needy' types. Honestly though, it's nice to be needed when it is in a mature and healthy way. I love how he lets me know that I've made such a significant impact on his life so much so that he couldn't imagine his own without me any more. I need him just as much.
6. Brett is fun. I enjoy being with him. No television, internet, or money? No problem! My favorite memories of our time together are the ones from the beginning when we would lay around on the couch and drink wine and listen to music and talk. I LOVE how that still happens.
7. Brett is full of surprises! He literally surprises me all of the time with such sweet gestures and presents! Believe me, I haven't ever had a guy pamper me or think of me like he does.
8. He can weather my storms. I'm not always the easiest to deal with. In a certain mood I can pitch a fit that should leave me broken and lonely, however, he's still there. He hugs me and kisses me and understands what I'm going through.
9. Brett thinks I'm gorgeous. He expresses it in such a way that makes me feel differently than every time I've been told in the past. The look in his eyes make his words more believable, like there's something more to understand than his comment being a compliment.

10. He my baby daddy. The crap we've been through in only 8 months would land most in a looney bin! Both of us have had hard pasts significant enough to make a psychiatrist swoon and neither ever intended for our existence with each other to get so complicated at times. For some reason though, the trials we have been faced with (like our unexpected bundle of joy being conceived merely one month after we met) seem less like horrific mistakes and more like unexpected blessings.
11. Aaaaand he cleans house, cooks dinner, watches the boys while I sleep, makes me laugh, holds my hand during pain, hugs me when I cries, loves my family, adores my friends, and is soooo good looking.

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  2. you guys are so cute! thanks for following me across the board! i am now following you via linky and gfc and facebook.

  3. Ashley, this is the cutest! Thanks so much for linking up with both my linkies! You rock!

  4. Thanks for the kind words on my blog! You are a doll! Following you back on pinterest, gfc, and fb!

  5. It is so important to have a man that is your calming source during the storms of life! :) So happy you found such a great partner!

  6. This was precious, I loved it!! So important to have someone in your life that does all these things and more!! My husband is amazing and I couldn't be in the world without him, he's my best friend!! I love stockings, haha! A drawer full of them, hahaha!! Just keep buying them, so that would be a present well loved, haha! Yes, Oasis never does get old ;) Hope you've been feeling good doll! xx

  7. I love your list, and I LOVE your tattoos. I'm now a follower :)

  8. hello! nice to meet you! loved learning more about you from this post! :)

  9. haha. aw you two are so cute together!
    and i LOVE your prego fashion shot lol.


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