Friday, February 10, 2012

Broken Love

*DISCLAIMER* This is not a post intended to spout hate towards Valentines Day... I am actually quite thrilled for this year's occasion! However, the moment seemed right and the song conjured a link to emotions from my past. Warning: This is not for the faint of heart!

One of my favorite lyrics is sang by John Mayer in his song Split Screen Sadness:

"All you need is love is a lie... 
'cuz we had love but we still said goodbye. 
Now we're tired, battered fighters.

and is now followed closely by the line Lana Del Rey sings in this song, Born to Die:

"Sometimes love is not enough 
and the road gets tough 
I don't know why..."

Never before has a female artist hit so close to home for me. This song and video mimics all too close some of my very own written words. The emotion of the lyrics, I feel, is perfectly balanced with a sort of pop backdrop that I continuously find irresistible. 

I'll tell you a love story
Whiskey, smokes, and the occasional whore
I've had more accounts...
I can't keep track anymore
I'm desperately seeking the comfort of a bed
I've never been in before

I haven't loved anyone 
The only way I'd imagined I could
Don't fuck with me Darlin'
You'll only wish you'd run when you could
Have thought me just pretty
Before you knew the secret -
Self destruction and deceit
Are my favorite players in the night.

I'll walk in my night gown
Through graveyards of memories,
Drinking whiskey & marlboro's
To my empty bed full of him.


  1. Did you write music for it or just lyrics?

    1. I wish that I could! So, no, just lyrics.


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