Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet These Chicks

In an effort to dazzle you with awesome bloggers I have found online, here are two more NEW swappers I have been fortunate enough to come across. If you haven't yet, you're missing out! So go!


I am Kristen and I blog over at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which is military lingo for WTF. I'm an Army wife, about to move to Germany, learning to be more independent and spend my days designing blogs, chasing after my two brothers, and counting down the hours until I can Skype with my Hubby every night. WTF is about our journey and all of the things I learn and love along the way!


Hey, I'm Lee Lee a crafty fashion designer from Colombia. I love everything cute, photography and vintage items. I love spending my days sewing, reading blogs and taking pictures. I blog about my adventures, my trips, my inspirations, the things I love and the things I love making! Say hi! I love meeting new people!



  1. Fabulous, am checking them out!! Happy weekend dollface! xx

  2. Love these ladies!

    PS: You've been tagged over at my blog, come check it out!!!


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