Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Breathe

There has been SO frickin much going on. I am certainly not complaining, however I would be lying if I said that I didn't mind how my busyness has caused me to neglect my blog just a bit. I've only been 'gone' 3 days but it seems like so much more! I miss you. I'ma try to post an update. Now. See Chickadette on a roll, Batches:

* BABY UPDATE! I returned my heart monitor... but no news yet on what they did or did not find. I'm assuming that's good news but who the heck knows anymore! Also, I went to my appointment on Tuesday and sat through a miserable 4 hour sugar test and then went to an appointment on Thursday and found out that I'ma be okay. They lifted my bed rest curse but informed me that little baby Declan isn't so little. There is talk of an amniocentesis being done at 36 weeks to check on his lung maturity. If my doctor feels like he's safe, they're going to induce so I can deliver the baby naturally (like we all want). Both my doctor and I fear that waiting could cause complications due to his size.  'Why?" you might ask when my first delivery was so wonderful? Only 45 minutes of labor, 3 pushes, and a few stitches. Wait. Back dat train up. STITCHES. I'm lying, it was NOT wonderful and it HURT like HELL because I tore the WRONG WAY andIneverwantittohappenagain.

Ladies, delivering a 10 pound baby has NEVER been on my list of 'Things I Want to Accomplish One Day'.

* I am THRILLED so many people saw my blog and FB page during our co-hosted hop and decided to jump on this bandwagon! Not only am I flattered that I was even asked to participate, but I find it so encouraging to know you gals are actually reading. I plan to spend the rest of my day, after this post, returning the admiration one victim at a time!

* Next week, on the first, I'm going to host my own blog hop again but this time it's going to be for us lovelies that have Twitter accounts. This blog hop isn't like the rest... it's not an invitation to sign up just to acquire numbers. All you do is pledge to pick one or two or more link up participants a day to promote shamelessly to your own followers in hopes that they will take note and fall in love with the people you love, too. I had a GREAT response last time when we did it for Facebook pages and I hope to see the same trend unfold this time!

* I need your help. Have any of you ever participated in or headed up a community project? I am considering starting a non-profit team in my town to save/repair a building that desperately needs someone's attention. I could seriously use some pointers on how to begin.


  1. Praying for you & baby Declan! (P.S. Looooove that name). Keep us updated on the community project. That sounds like something I would do. I've never been in a leadership role with a non-profit, but it sounds very interesting. Good luck!

  2. My, you have been busy....glad to hear you are off bed rest and hope all goes well with the bebe!!!! I am no help with your community project, but good luck!! We have an historical building about to be torn down for a gas station and I am sick about it.

  3. My first baby was delivered via c-section because he was breach, but he was 9 lbs, 10 oz! So, I understand your fear of delivering a ten-pound baby! I opted to have my second via c-section, thinking she might be bigger... She wasn't, but STILL! Just the thought of delivering a ginormous baby naturally scared the crap out of me!

  4. You are in my thoughts and prayers :) You can do it! I Love the name Declan! As for the community project I don't have any pointers, but that's a great non profit project!

  5. Hoping both you and baby are doing well! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...

  6. 10 pounds is very big... my brother was 10lb 9oz... and my mom delivered him naturally! She says the experience was pretty miserable though. I'm hoping you don't have to find out for yourself!

  7. Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers that all will be just fine, no doubt it will!! You an do it!! Love the tattoos :) Xox

  8. Hope the monitor results come back good. I had to do that last pregnancy. Eden was 9 lbs. and I'm predicting that this one will be a little bit bigger (maybe close to 10) because I'm not doing a C-section and we have family history of big ol' babies. I am amazed by the women that birth 11 and 12 lb. babies!!! It sounds so intimidating, but everyone is so different.



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