Monday, February 27, 2012


I mentioned earlier that I'm nesting. I totally nailed a complete reorganization of my crafts and found this stash of earrings I had made in a previous life when I had time to do such awesome things. I decided one of you might like them! This also gives me an opportunity to get my feet wet with this new Rafflecopter thingy. If you happen to find any problems with it, would you let me know? I'll even send you something awesome as a thank you for helping me!

These beaut's are matte gold stud earrings with a beautiful ruby red Swarovski gem dangling approximately one inch below the heart eyed skulls. I made a pair for myself and found that they add such a feminine, yet intriguing touch to any outfit! When listed in my store, I sold them for $27.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


    I have posted to my FB

    Ohhh want want!!!


    They're amazing! Want them!! (:

  3. I feel like a super stalker now that I'm following you on every level possible. Don't worry, I'm the note written in lipstick on the mirror kind of stalker, not the dead kitten with a recipe for chili on your kitchen table type. Haha!! Oh, and my birthday is in July, so the rubies would be perfect for me. Just sayin'. ;)

    User names are either White Lights on Wednesday or Julie Espy. Ooh I can't wait!!

  4. Following you using Linky Followers. My name: Absolute Mommy. Those earrings? I MUST HAVE THEM!

  5. For some reason I couldn't get it to show on my main page, but it shows in my feed. Here it is copy and pasted
    Absolute Mommy
    My 17 year old former self, just lost it at the sight of these earrings!!
    I just entered to win these earrings!
    LikeUnlike · · 2 minutes ago · Write a comment.....

    1. Noted! Thanks so much! I know... I LOVE these babies! Did the Rafflecopter widget accept the entry?

  6. Just facebooked them again! LOVE THEM!!/profile.php?id=100000021356723


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