Monday, February 27, 2012

NEW Less Than Jake... because God is good.

"I live to tell the story of my next few years."

I love the percussion. I love the lyrics. I love Chris Demakes' voice. I love the jolt of energy.

Birds nest photography prop "Light Feathers"

In other news, Mama's been nesting. I am SO excited about having my little bebe boy here to hold and snuggle in my arms...

I found this birds nest photography prop shop on Etsy. I'm about to pin the hizzle out of her shtuff so consider yourself forewarned!


  1. Less Then Jake is an awesome way to start Monday! Thanks for the pick me up.

  2. The rolls on that baby's tummy are TDF!!!! So freaking cute. I am having a little bit of baby fever right now....


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