Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 Weeks 2 Days

We had a healthy check up yesterday! Here are pictures of our precious little BABY BOY!

I just love looking at babies in the womb. They're so petite and chubby and their little skulls and bellies and hearts and bones and feet and hands... *sigh*. I can not wait to snuggle this little guy!

 So you've read the name "Vera Lizzbeth" on this blog... we were obviously hoping for a girl seeing as how we have 2 little boys already. Well, despite the faint disappointment I am actually quite relieved to be having another boy. The thought of raising a little girl terrifies me. 


  1. I have one boy & one girl. Girls are terrifying.
    Congrats on a 3rd prince. :)

  2. Congrats!!
    I have one of each... girls are a handful!! ;)
    Any names picked out for your newest little dude!?

  3. Thank you gals! We're considering 'Brody' quite seriously... it's such a fun relaxed name, very similar to our love. <3


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