Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LUNCH DATE! boo-ya

Brett and I went to Clemson yesterday on a lunch date because he had never been and quite frankly I wanted him to understand what I was laughing about when I said "Downtown Clemson" when I offered it as an alternative to Downtown Athens. (Clemson's is seriously one street only and barely a 1/4 mile long.) I was also way too tired to make the drive to Athens, where we'd rather have gone.

I won't lie and say I don't really enjoy looking around and laughing at myself at how in awe I am of the fact that there's only one fashion scene mostly comprised of camouflage fleece and the fact that no one seems slightly embarrassed to have a bright orange tiger paw stuck to damn near everything. We didn't stay long... less than 3 minutes of walking around before he quipped "These people single handedly are keeping NorthFace in business... Let's go." It could be too that we looked like this:

But don't get me wrong, there are numerous reasons to be there. The tiny selection of shops they offer are amazing! The food, spectacular. The school? I'd be totally proud to have either of my children enroll. (To be honest, I'd also probably put a bright orange tiger paw on damn near everything and wear orange & purple dresses and sashes to the football games. Never a fleece though. Never ever. I just can't. My tattoo's look ridiculous when I'm wearing one.) 

We were there to get a burger at my fave place over there called 'Tiger Town Tavern'... they have the BEST burgers and these cajun fries with house-made blue cheese dipping sauce (the cheese is actually cultured in a cave by Clemson college students). Sigh. They were closed.

So we ate here: BGR. I'm assuming they're attempting this clever sticker thing like the place stickers you see plastered on the back of most SUVs proudly sporting where the vehicles made it. I dunno... it took me a few minutes to go "Oh, BGR... like burger without the U, R, or E. Maybe right?" Brett just shrugged. He didn't care as long as it was good. And it was

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  1. Lunch dates are greeaaat! Hey, there might be some serious money in Fleece for the Tattooed!

  2. I giggled to myself reading this. The only fleece that goes on my body are pj pants...Or on the lining of a jacket! =) At least someone besides me has an aversion to North Face.


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