Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY { Just Lovely } Banner (and lunch!)

You're certainly aware of those gorgeous banners displayed at most weddings now a days... well I want one! Seeing as how I'm not getting married for some time, I came up with something else to celebrate my current state of happiness and decorate my home. 

I used colored card stock for the flags, glitter & glue, heart shaped bracket pins, and hemp string. 

I used my printer to print the letters onto white index cards. I picked a font called "RIDDLE" that you can get for free online at a site called

I used a rectangle template I've had for years to zero in closer on the letters.

I picked out the colors I wanted to use (from Martha Stewart's 24 pack of glitter) & glittered them !

I then took 5 pieces of card stock and cut 2 flags each. I started with one square piece 4 x 4 inches, found the middle mark on the bottom edge of the paper, drew a line from each corner to that mark and ended with perfect triangles.

  I  centered the letters on the card stock then used my teeny tiny hole puncher (the pink thing there in the background) and poked guide holes for the brackets.

I ran a piece of string along the back and taped the flags to it and hung up my banner!

(it took me about 2 hours but only due to the lunch break I had in the middle of step 3 and 4)

and since we're on a roll with the DIY...

I made a tomato sandwich using 2 slices of bread, 1 tomato, 4 slices of pepperjack cheese, and Duke's.


A tomato sandwich garnished with Lay's Classic potato chips makes for a classic Southern Belle lunch!


  1. LOVE the glitter on the banner & such a cute font! Nicely done!
    ..& I just had tomatoes myself!

  2. You know, I miss you terribly.

  3. I like the banners. Not sure that they are appropriate for your living room. Maybe in the enterway as your guest enter. It would set the "Mood" for their visit. :) Tomatoe sammiches are awesome with Dukes. The only way to go. Try Pepper Jack cheese on them next time. It gives it a kick.

  4. OH MY! You read my mind and I should have finished reading.


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