Sunday, November 27, 2011

WISH! {out loud}

okay, ladies

It's time for the first WISH! {out loud} link up! Check out our intro post HERE for more details!

so I tried tackling my own wish this morning: to have more confidence

and attacking something I've been terrified to do: video blog!

So I bring to you the first cut (no, really... see how ridiculous my face looks!?) of a video blog featuring my first wish.

Join us!'s what you need to know:
1. Write your blog post including your Wish! {out loud}.
2. Grab and display the Wish! {out loud} button in your post.
3. Link up through one of the hosts' blogs because it will show up on all three.
4. Start visiting other blogs, making friends, and make a Wish! come true.


  1. You are so precious lady!! I totally know what you mean with that. People are normally surprised that I tend to be really shy around new people because I so lack self confidence. It's terrible in every aspect because I feel like I second guess EVERY little thing, choice, step, word, and it even makes me paranoid that someone more confident could come along and sweep my boy off his feet! :/ Awful! He'd never do anything to make me think I'm anything but incredible, but it's a personal/in my head sort of thing. I think it goes without saying- You are not alone!! Way to put yourself out there!! I bet doing more of these videos would totally help you get more comfortable in your own skin in front of your bloggy audience- and that's a baby step! :)

  2. What a cutie! Congrats on conquering your fear! Your spirit shines in this blog and that is a beautiful thing. Have faith in your spirit and that will give you confidence!

  3. Ashley! I finally had a chance to listen to your vlog and you are so darling! I'm so glad you were bold enough to make the first step into contacting me, as well as plunging into vlogging. It'll hopefully come easier as time goes on..most things do!
    I lack complete confidence in meeting people and talking to people. I moved to a new town in August and I am having such a difficult time meeting people because I get so nervous when I have to talk. Everybody lacks confidence somewhere, you are not alone! Keep smiling, you are so pretty! (even after you've rolled out of bed!)


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