Thursday, November 10, 2011


When I was 'Pinning' (I just can't get over how stupid that sounds...) yesterday I ran across this awesome photo of a chickadette wearing a scarf. I'm not sure if the way she tied it or the vintage pin detail was my favorite part. Anyway, I totally DIY-ed it thanks to her super quick and easy instructions! I've linked to the actual pin on my Pinterest account (link to the left <----) and attached a copy of my attempt at the recreation:

Pinned Image

Her instructions say: Fold scarf in half. Loop around neck. Pull only one strand of the scarf through the loop. Twist loop, then pull other strand through.

*via Samantha Foster on Pinterest

*original link to Basic Cravings


Scarf: gifted
Feather Pin: gifted from my bff Tambi (check out her Pinterest)
White T-Shirt: destroyed by me, bought from GAP
Grey Hoodie: J Crew
Darkest Wash Jeans: F21 (stretchy maternity lifesaver... worn them so far from month 3-4)
Black Patent Flats: JC Penney (I think, owned 'em forever)
Jewelry: The French Quarter

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