Friday, November 18, 2011

{ Airstream Dream }

I want one! I mean, I really really want one. I've always been fascinated by them and fell completely for them when my father bought one when I was pre-teen.

My ex husband used to say that I was a Queen of Justification... meaning I could justify anything. Well, putting that skill and nomenclature to good use... here are my justifications:

1. I need an office. Why rent an office space or take up any more space in our already fitted apartment? I mean, not only would I not be wasting money on renting some office in a dinky building but I'd have a space totally 100% my own to fill with all the girly crap I catch hell for living with 3 (soon to be 4) boys!

2. I need a storefront. Basically, repeat justification # 1 and add the fact that what better locale for a vintage clothing shop than a swanky updated Airstream? Doing some research I found I wasn't the only chick (am I ever?!) that had this fabulous idea. Just look at how cool this spot is:

alice + olivia pop up storefront
Also, forget leasing buildings, buying storefronts, paying business property taxes and all that jazz. I'm in love!

3. We need to travel. I'm sick of daydreaming of places across the globe I'd like to make it to. I'm ready to start being there. I want to start in my own country too. I want so badly to go to the Grand Canyon, Washington state, Big Sky Montana, Maine, and Key West Florida. I could go on and on and on about it too... but I'll spare you.

4. I want to redecorate it. That might seem like a crap reason to some, but my busy mind and itchy fingers need something to do on a regular basis. Since we don't own a house yet and I can't focus on a complete renovation of my apartment the Airstream would give me something to do.


Check out this AMAZING reno by a chick named Julie. I'm so totally jealous. I can't even hide it! The decor is right up my alley, the color scheme is to die for, and the lifestyle is envy-worthy! Click here to read the whole story and take a tour!

Below, take a look at "Organic Designs" storefront. Besides gaining tons of inspiration for future DIY's I am totally sold on having an Airstream for a storefront. Click here to see them { and 'like' them!} on Facebook!


  1. Those things are so awesome!

    Wait, are you having another boy??

  2. WOW!
    This is a really awesome idea! And how cute is that :)
    I want one now too :)

    PS thank you for your sweet comment :)
    Following you back :)

  3. We share the same dream, my friend! The NEED to travel is severe.

    snagging a button :)


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