Saturday, November 12, 2011

God, Make Me a Bird

I absolutely adore birds... most of all, their feathers. If you do, then you've got to check out RougePony. If you're in the mood, favor one of their items for a day of whimsy! Although to be honest, I'm thinking I might just have to have those shoulder pieces for my Christmas party dress. Can't you see it? A satin black dress, emerald green platform heels... feathers? Glamour at it's best, ma dear!

click each photo to jump to each listing

Black Feathered Epaulette Shoulder Pads Black feather cape
Leather and feather headdress Feather and Leather headpiece


  1. I could totally see you wearing that as your Christmas party outfit!

  2. Hi Ashley Marie thank you for featuring my feather items on your beautiful blog xxx
    you have a new follower
    xx Karin


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