Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Story Part 1 & 2 & 3

Part One

It has been decided that my beau and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our home. I'm excited! (and hella nervous) I'm not sure if you ladies who have had children suffer from this same symptom: scatter-minded-ness. It only seems to plague me when I'm pregnant! My evidence: I nearly destroy every meal I try to create... despite my years of hands on experience being raised by Southern women, having a family of my own that I accept responsibility for in keeping alive, AND my years of professional training in commercial kitchens in two different states! *breathe* I can do this! Here's how:

My official night-before-Tday-turkey plan. I'm going to take the plunge and brine my turkey. Perhaps Martha Stewart will be proud of me and take me under her wing and I'll live happily ever after working on a show that features cooking, crafting, gardening, and the occasional fashion show... hey, a girl can dream!

This is so severely last minute that my turkey is still frozen at 4:30 on Wednesday night. I've decided to follow the instructions on the package (they should know best, eh?) and I have placed my frozen, still wrapped turkey in a bucket with cold water and put it in my fridge. According to the package it should be thaw in 5 hours. 

In 5 hours I'm going to take a cue from one of my personal inspirations, Chef Hugh Acheson. Garden & Gun Magazine (YES! It exists! ...and it's a glorious read for the Southern woman) posted a link today on Facebook of an interview with Chef Acheson done by  "THE Dish" on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning." You can check out the interview by following this link: HERE. I also did some extra research on 'brining', learning from Chef Michael Chiarello, on my fave cooking website (HERE)

So far, so good. Now off to figure out what my contribution to side dishes will be!

Part Two

Alright! So the brine was WAY EASIER to make than I thought it was going to be! So far, I'm not quite so sure what I was so afraid of! Perhaps everyone just seems to make it sound so time consuming and complicated! The prize for this part of the series: a pretty picture!

Part Three


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