Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's RAINING! yesyesyes

Rainy days give me so much. I consider myself to be in touch with our planet and here lately, I've felt so connected to the fall. I love how fall seems to be the steady drift to sleepy winter after the busy excitement of summer. I feel one with the season right now as I leave behind the most difficult summer of my life and settle into the comfort of my little family that has come together. I'm ready for the long haul of winter and the comfort of hibernation in the apartment we've made our home.

That being said: here are some of my favorite rainy day songs. Although the lyrics might not be what I'm looking for all of the time, I like to play them for their sound. The voices joined with the music is outstanding.

Dan Andriano: It's Gonna Rain All Day

Chuck Ragan: Right as Rain

And something to dance too:

Reptar: Rainbounce

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  1. Holy shit. YOU PUT CHUCK RAGAN ON YOUR BLOG. To say I love you would be an understatement. Can we get married?

  2. PLEASE!? I put YOU on my blog too... bottom right hand column!



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